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Photo N’ Words by Rich Terdoslavich (C) 2024

Hey, everybody. Hope you’re well. Winter is over and spring has just arrived. Now that we are heading into the new season, thought it might be cool to let you know what’s going on and maybe riff on a few topics.

Been doing storyboard and illustration jobs for film clients. Working with film directors, it has been a great experience, collaborating with them. One of the films I worked on, had its premiere in Los Angeles. The two other film projects could either be in the stages of development, whether it is regarding casting or budget. Will keep you posted and stay tuned.

Another client contacted me with an idea of a book/script idea. A few Zoom meetings in the works. A lot of irons in the fire. Keeping myself busy and don’t forget to follow up with clients regarding future jobs. Enjoying the storyboard jobs and working with filmmakers. I enjoy the creative process, and I keep learning the nuts and bolts of visual storytelling, working with film directors, while adding my own creative spin on the visuals.

Apart from that, everything is moving along. Let’s see what the new week brings. Now that March will be coming to a close, let’s see what the future holds for us. To everyone, I hope you will accomplish your goals and gain success. It can be a tough slog, whether you are dealing with rejection or frustration, but hang in there. Easier said than done, but no one said that this was going to be easy. Don’t give up.

Have a great week and talk to you soon!


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