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Middle Of June

Words n’ photo by Rich Terdoslavich (C) 2024

June 15, 1:28 am. Should be wrapping it up soon, but in a flow. Keep writing. How about just writing whatever pops into your head? Maybe. Let’s see where this goes.

Just started a new storyboard job with a film production company. So far, so good. Will have to knock out some boards and some concept art/illustrations. Read the script, broke down the scenes, and let’s see where it goes. Stay tuned for more.

June 17, 4:03pm. Air conditioners on, just typing away. In the heat wave, city’s gettin’ toasty outside. Stuck? Not sure. Just riffing away, maybe edits later. Gotta refine the boards soon. Plus a few sequential pages to knock out too.

June 19th, 5:11pm. Finished watching a short film from a filmmaker. Scheduled a phone meeting tomorrow with the same filmmaker. Possible film poster illustration job. He’s looking for an illustrator to do the art for his film poster that will promote his film. Will keep you posted as to what happens.

Networking as hell. Hustling. A lot on my plate, but restless. Let’s see where this goes.

June 22nd, 11:41 pm. Let’s wrap this up. But before I go. Almost finished for the night. Hot as hell, outside, isn’t it? Yeh…well, gotta get through it, and see when the heat will break. That’s about it, folks. I’ll keep you updated on all the film jobs. Stay cool and talk to you soon.


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