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A New Start/Intro

Saturday 12:20pm

Anything comes to mind? Freewheelin' and scattered thoughts, trying to put something together instead of staring at a blank screen, thinking what the hell do I write?

Well, the first thought is to start with an intro of sorts and then for the next few blogs, talk/discuss about your sequential/comic art, your storyboards, illustrations and murals. Talk about how you came up with ideas for certain jobs, what inspired you when working on jobs and did you run into any obstacles along the way... or was it smooth sailing from the get go when you put pencil to paper and magic started to happen? Is any job connected to smooth sailing? Or is it all just blood, sweat, guts, frustration, tears, craziness and passion when your nose is right up on that blank sheet, sweat trickling down the side of your head as you're trying to beat the deadline and create the unimagined into reality with pencil or brush in hand? Maybe all the above?

That's the way to go, man. Go for that when writing/typing away your thoughts.

So, in the next few days/weeks/months, I'll be writing/typing away on my work and maybe along the way, write about art/music/comic books/pulps/film/books/tv, all the stuff that fuels/inspires the creative mind, my creative mind and maybe yours too.

Hope to see you around and enjoy the day. If you're out here in NYC, stay inside and stay cool to avoid the heat n' humidity!

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